Salem Gymnastics Center

2775 19th Street Salem, Oregon 97302 (503) 399-8240


1.In order to find a class day and time for the age of your child you must first go to either the Fall/Winter/Spring Classes page, or the Summer Classes Page  depending upon the time of year, or the Homeschool Page if you homeschool your child.

2.Information is sectioned off by program and age ranges:  If you have a child that is 18 months or just under look for our parent tot class section. If your child is 2 years old or 5 ish look at our kindergym class section. If your child is 5-ish or older look to our boys or girls recreational classes. We also have advanced recreational classes, competitive teams for boys and girls, as well as tumbling only classes for cheer leaders. We also have a separate Homeschool page with separate class days and times if you homeschool your child.
 Age Range: If you have a child that is just over 5, you have a choice of either our kindergym or our regular girls or boys recreational classes.  The age ranges we use are a soft benchmark so we end our kindergym at 5-ish and we begin our recreational classes at age 5-ish. If your child has never done this activity before and is on the shy side it may be best to start in a kindergym class as you can move at any time to a recreational class. On the other hand if your child does better when challenged a little more, then starting directly into a bridge class (a recreational class for younger kids) may be the best option.  Our first class is free. You may try one or the other to help you decide as well and once our coaches have met your little one we can offer help as to what class would be best if you need our input.
3.Once you find a day and Time that work well for your family, we encourage you to come in and try a class as the first one is free and you have nothing to lose for trying. If you do not like the class or do not wish to sign up there is no obligation to join. If after your class you do want to sign up one of our front desk personnel will go over detailed pricing and policy information. 

***Don't forget that our first class is free and coming down to the center and trying a class out is the absolute best way to know if our program is the right fit for your family. 

 4.Once you have decided upon a day and time, and have a general idea of our prices listed below each class type, please come down to the center about 10 minutes before the scheduled class time to fill out some paper work and let the person at the front desk know that you have come to try a class. This does not obligate you financially. Once you have signed the paperwork, your class will be called out and your child will take the trial class. At the end of the class you can choose to come and sign up right away, or  wait for the next class that you attend to complete the sign up process, or not sign up at all.  If you do want to sign up, it is at this time our front office director will take you through the paperwork, and our policies so that you have a clear idea of what you are signing up for.  

SGC FACEBOOK PAGE: At any time throughout this process you can message the gym or send a notification on our Face Book page and I will answer any additional questions you may have or help you navigate our website if you need clarification.

 WHAT TO WEAR:  Girls:  A t-shirt and shorts, leggings, sweat pants, or a leotard or one piece bathing suit in any combination is just fine.  Please do not wear tights that cover the toe or jeans or a skirt or dress.  Boys: T-shirt and shorts, or sweat pants. try to avoid jeans and bare feet are best.

Please Note: We do not accept payments through this site to sign up. Please be sure you are not on a site with the same name from a different state. We are in Salem Oregon:)