Salem Gymnastics Center

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SGC Homeschool Program


     UPDATED for Jan 1, 2018                          


We are offering a 19 week Winter-Spring session at $152.00 per student. Starting Jan 8th for Monday students and Jan 11th for Thurs studentsWe will be closed the week of March 26-March 31st for Spring break and these dates are not part of the contract or figured into the tuition so it will not need to be made up or pro rated.   A PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PER STUDENT ON THE 1ST DAY and subsequent payments made each month after that, tp be completed by the contract end date.  Please select your day and time below.  The family registration fee has been waived in light of this commitment and budget price.  By signing the consent form at the gym you agree to this as a contract and it will be paid for in monthy installments until paid in full by the last week of the session.  That means that if you decide to stop at any time during the contracted period you signed up for you would still owe tuition for it until the end of the contract.  

Please note: if you are part of a parent co-op, you still must have your own individual account, and sign up on asheet of your own even if someone else brings your child to classes.



 Day and Times:  

Mon 9:45   class   (Girls, Boys, Kindergym)
Mon 10:30 class   (Girls, Boys, Kindergym) *this class is full for sign up or make up
Mon  2:45   class  (Girls, Boys, Kindergym)
Thurs 3:15, 4:00  class  (Girls, Boys, Kindergym)  .

  *Please Note: These classes are co-ed classes first, and then based on the numbers enrolled we can split older boys and girls classes.   




 SUMMER PROGRAM  Updated May 15, 2017   General Info

 At SGC We have started our Home School program in an effort to add to the list of physical activities parents in Salem can consider for their children.  We have waived the regular annual $50 registration fee for this program as parents of Home Schooled students cannot in many cases take advantage of the free physical education available to students who are enrolled in the public system. Also, this class has a session commitment which means that you are contracted for the entire session date.  Most sessions are 3 to 4 weeks in the summer months, and you can choose to pay all at one time or break it down every 4 weeks, but you are enrolled and responsible for the tuition for the entire session.

Please Note: Due to the unfortunate fact that some...not all....but some people may sign up for a home school class when their children are not really home schooled in order to not have to pay our regular registration fee, we may at any time ask for verification of home school status either prior to or during enrollment process. 

  *Please Note: These classes are co-ed classes first, and then based on the numbers enrolled we can sometimes split boys and girls classes but this is not guaranteed.   


                                                  Summer Homeschool Program 

    For our Summer Homeschool Program, as long as you have been coming to our school year program and wish to continue, you may continue. Be sure to tell the person at the front desk that you are a Home School parent so they can pull your enrollment form and you will not have to pay a registration fee and will receive your Home School discount for your child/children.

 We are offering 9 weeks of Summer Gymnastics @7.50 per student per week from June 20-Aug 25th. 

 Payments must be made per student on the 1st day of class and made in monthly installments (@27 per month) until paid in full by the last week of the contract.

 We will be closed Thurs June 29th and Tues July 4th and neither one of these dates have been included in this contract so there will be no make up or pro rating for these dates. 



Class Days and Times:   

 Tues 9:30 or 10:30, Thurs 9:30 or 10:30, or Thurs 4:45